Plans for the Upcoming Elections

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The Map Kibera Trust members met yesterday to plan on how they will be carrying the upcoming general elections. The elections which happens on 4th March are likely to decide on who becomes Kenya's fourth president.

With Kibera being a hotspot according to what happened in the 2007/2008 polls the Map Kibera Trust team sat down to discuss on how to carry themselves on the election day.

The team has divided itself into 2 groups which includes: One which will be collecting information on the field and another team which will be the editing team. The team on the field will be covering reports from around the polling stations in Kibra Constituency and taking videos as the events happen. The editing team will make sure all the reports coming through the Voice of Kibera and Voice of Mathare platforms are being updated on the go.

The teams will also work with the social media where they will be updating news through our Facebook and Twitter pages. The hashtags #kiberaelections and #mathareelections will be used during the elections day.
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