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With the interest of children at heart, Little Angels Community Center has started an education center to take care of the interest of the slum child. The center has started a school just a few meters from Kamukunji grounds.
Little Angels is an all inclusive community center built on the principle that the life of the community need to be upgraded to attain better foundation and future for the child. The center provides a nurturing environment for the vulnerable children in Kibera slum. The Little Angels’ foundation is based on the belief that all children are capable of achieving if properly nurtured. The center currently serves about 7% of it’s clientele base of Kibera slum.
Kibera is the largest informal settlement (slum) in sub- Saharan Africa. Kibera is the biggest slum in Kenya with a population of approximately one million who are living below the poverty line. Children brought up in such an environment have no access to good nutrition, medical care, education or other basic necessities.
Little Angels was formed to support slum child realize their dream. The centre’s founder is Anne Awuor who is a qualified teacher with experience in IGCSE, GCSE and 8-4-4 curriculum. She intends to put all her experience for the better future of the slum child.
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