Kibera opens doors to first inclusive Early Childhood Development Centre

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Little rock is an Inclusive Early childhood development centre dedicated to providing a nurturing environment for critical early year learning / development to vulnerable children in Kibera slum. Little Rock is founded on the belief that all children no matter their social and economic background are capable of dreaming and achieving if properly nurtured.
Kibera is the biggest slum in Kenya with a population of approximately one million, surviving on less than one dollar a day. Such poverty means that the most vulnerable citizens, (children) in Kenya have no access to nutritious food,(proper meal a day), medical care, education or other basic necessities.
Today vulnerable and disabled children aged 1 and 8 years in Kibera became beneficiaries of a Ksh 65 million inclusive early childhood development center.
The centre will integrate at no fee, 650 children in the area with special needs together with those who are orphaned which is an important aspect in nurturing vulnerable and disabled children to be as independent as possible and be able to take full and active part in everyday life.
The Centre is geared towards creating a nurturing environment for critical early year learning/development to vulnerable and disabled children in the area with a focus on five groups of children namely; orphans, infected and affected by HIV and AIDS, from extremely poor families especially single parent families, specials needs children(physically disabled, hearing impaired, cerebral palsy and mentally handicapped).
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