• Location KARANJA ROAD
  • Date Jan 2 2013
  • Time 14:36
  • Category Death   Tension   News   
  • Incident Incident
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Incident Report Description

Karanja road has become centre of crime, with several cases of theft being reported severally in a Month. Mpesa shops, butchery and shops have been looted in broad daylight. A group of youth, heavily armed walk along as they terrorize and steal from people.
The residents are now blaming the police for doing so little on curbing the situation. There is partial visibility of the police patrols. Sometimes they come in too late to help, when people have already been robbed .Insecurity is now becoming more of a possibility than a probability.
On the eve of the New Year, young guys, not more than 25 years of age walked around threatening and stealing from residents. This has later provoked anger to the community. Some common thug faces were marked, by the victims, and it’s through thorough patrol by the mob, late hours of yesterday until 5am today, that led to five guys being beaten beyond recognition. Although they were taken to hospital after a strong struggle between the police, who wanted to rescue them and the mob that wanted to set them on fire, their chances of survival are very slim since some had already been sprayed with sulphuric acid.
According to the mob, this is the way to reduce crime and instill fear to those threatening innocent community members, since the Government has failed to control it.
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