Another Fire Tragedy

  • Location Kibera, Laini Saba and Soweto
  • Date Oct 31 2012
  • Time 16:30
  • Category Death   Fire   News   
  • Incident Incident
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Incident Report Description

Fire broke out yet again in the slums of Kiberas Laini Saba/Soweto village. Reports indicate that four are feared dead among them, 3 children and an aged sick woman who were caught up in the fire. Several people also sustained injuries including the red cross rescue team who were on the ground at the fire scene trying to put it off. It is believed that the fire started at about 7am and all possible indications as to what caused it point to an electric fault.
Due to the hash terrain or lack of access to the area, it was not possible for the firemen to reach there to help contain the fire.
Businesses, property and household goods worth unknown amount was reduced to ashes leaving the tenants with nothing.
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