Child dies in a fatal accident.

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A lorry has lost way and killed a child and injured two other people in Mashimoni Kibera. The lorry which is said had some brakes malfunction lost its way and hit the deceased child who had decided to give way for the vehicle to pass by.

“The vehicle lost its way and hit a Barber shop and a salon”, said Abdalla a witness who was at the scene at the time of the accident. The other people a passerby and a customer who had came to be served at the Barber shop was also badly injured. They have now been taken to a nearby health center to receive treatment.

It did not take long and the area chief and some policemen from the District Officer' s office arrived at the scene. The driver who was driving the lorry is now not known of his whereabouts after the incident.
“I heard a crush on the iron sheet of the Barber shop and we all ran out for our lives.” says another witness who was inside the then damaged shop.

Now the police officers and the area chief have taken charge and they are inspecting the incident.

The accident paralyzed movements along the crowded Mashimoni-Laini Saba feeder road for pedestrians and vehicles alike. According to eyewitness the lorry was reversing back to give way to a thirty two wheeler trailer doing a road show for Pamoja FM sports launch.

One Pamoja FM reporter, Mr. Giddy was injured, when he had alighted from their trailer to aid their driver maneuver along the narrow road. He was later referred from a local clinic to Kenyatta Referral Hospital. Upon leaving the scene, the Pamoja trailer's way was still blocked with troupes aboard it.
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