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Kibera residents woke up to news that the world's most wanted man-Osama Bin Laden is dead.
Relays from local radio channels as well as extensive coverages from CNN,informed that a America's special operation squad shot Bin Laden on the head in a commando raid inside a fortified mansion of Abbottabad in Afghanistan.President Obama in a national address announced the killing of the America's No.1 foe,and officially the world hated man,in the dead of the night.
That announcement worked up the American citizens,who television links showed pouring in a spontaneous manner and striking a reveling atmosphere in support of Osama's demise.

In Kibera,a sizable crowd joined the rest of the world in this moment at a peace rally in Katwekera.The rally which started at mid morning is still ongoing and has been dubbed a "public celebration for the death of Osama."
Hoisting the stars and stripes flag of USA,the Kenyan flag and a third flag of PEACE;Kibera crowd had no tears for Osama.

It was good riddance for these residents who made it a point to remind those who don't know that Bin Laden was a cold blooded killer responsible for the 1998 terrorists attack in Nairobi which left 222 people dead and thousands maimed.Neighboring Tanzania were also hit in a simultaneous assault.The 'Al Qaeda' lieutenants with Bin Laden as its head struck again in 2004 in Mombasa's Kikambala hotel which left another wake of blood and death.The 2001 twin tower/World Trade center bombing in New York was yet another shock and awe from Osama.
Uganda attacks were to come later,with tens of other bombings in Indonesia,Philippines and far East Asia.

A string of other deadly plots have been foiled around the world either through intelligence actions,defective explosions or dissenting would be bombers.In all these,Bin Laden claimed responsibility and no remorse.He could come out at intervals to address the world via video recordings,as he riled against who to him are infidels and imperialist imbeciles.He is on record as having said to be fighting for Palestinian cause.How smart his chosen path of support has continuously left many irritated.

President Barack Obama receive a lot of accolades from Kibera for eliminating the elusive terror mastermind.The rally which didn't have any special speakers was a free for all moment for anyone who wished to express anti terrorism message.Bad leadership characterised by dictatorship also found its spotlight here as speakers called for Obama to reign in on official terrorist who cloud under state sovereignty.Prresidents Museveni and Qaddafi found their names mixed up in this toast to Osama's death.Pursuing democractic causes ,they say is a testimony to keeping with his inauguration speech of where he promised to support those who nurture democracy and tolerance,but go with zeal against despots and merchants of oppression who are emerging to be "on the wrong side of history"
With over a decade long hunt,the rally organisers had to repeat over and over again to local skeptics that the news isn't a rumor;but one which has been corroborated by the respectable FBI and some other Israeli sleuths.
The operations which are said to have been carried by the Navy elite squad known as SEAL(Sea and Land),left the raiders unscathed.
Immediate former US president George W. Bush,under whose tenure the hunt for Bin Laden started has hailed Osama's death as a "Victory to America". Britain's Prime Minister Mr.James Cameron and his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu,also hailed the demise.
Kibera residents in the meantime asked the government to prioritise the security of Kenyans and to put to rest the constant threats across borders and even internally.
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