Extortion by Administration Police

  • Location Nairobi
  • Date Jan 1 2016
  • Time 12:00
  • Category Economy   
  • Incident Incident
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Incident Report Description

I'm a muguka(cult)seller in Laini Saba where I have a small base.The area Ap's are terrorising us alot by demanding bribes now and then.To make matters worse they claim miraa is a take away commodity and no customer should be found seated in our bases.When they find several customers seated they arrest all of them and lock them in their cells and demand more than Ksh.3000 to release them. We are law abinding citizens selling legal commodities trying to make our daily bread for us and our families,but if we continue like this we might be forced to close our businesses.Only God knows where we shall become.Can somebody find a way of helping us without mentioning us to avoid victimization please.
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