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As the notice deadline to vacate is approaching, , residents of Bombolulu, Soweto, and parts of Raila village of Kibera that are living or doing businesses along the road have got no option but to leave. The deadline is said to be July 8, after which the bulldozer shall come to do its work. "This is going to affect me for six good months but I have to say its a good thing, the road once complete will open up more opportunities for us." says Judith Atieno a Chemist Operator.

For Veronica Omoro, she does not think this will bring any difference to her tailoring business that has partly been affected. However David Osama is a happy man since he get contracted by the residents to demolish the structures along the road before the deadline. "Am happy that now I can be able to earn something." he says.

The road is suppose to join from Bombolulu going up to Otiende. "It will be so easy for us to reach St. Mary's Hospital when the road is completed." added Judith Atieno.
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