Safe Electricity in Kibera

  • Location Kisumu Ndogo
  • Date Jul 1 2015
  • Time 12:12
  • Category Electricity   
  • Incident Incident
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Incident Report Description

Due to rampant fire incidents in Kibera that have left so many lives lost and properties destroyed, The World Bank have partnered with Kenya Power and Lighting Company to install a safe and affordable electricity to the slum dwellers. "Once the installation is complete we would like to see all these naked illegal wire connections removed, because they have costed us a lot" says Maurice Otieno a resident at Gatwekera. The said electricity will operate on a pre-paid system where the residents will pay for the units according to their capability.The area MP Hon Ken Okoth urged the residents to embrace and support the project saying that it will greatly reduce the cases of fire in the slum.
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