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On June 22, Kibera residents working with National Youth Service (NYS) took to streets of Nairobi City to demonstrate against a publication by the Sunday Nation, the paper wrote that the NYS workers were not receiving their payments regularly, of which they denied, They also wanted their job extended till 2017,and their stipends increased. In the process they blamed the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga for asking Ann Waiguru the Cabinet Secretary for Devolution and planning to step aside and pave way for investigation of the alleged 826 Million that someone attempted to steal, The Kibera NYS workers told Raila to keep off and stop playing politics. "we want job we don't want politics now." They chanted. This did not go well with Kibera Pro Raila team who also took to the street at Olympic to protest against the previous demo, condemning the organizers and saying that the whole NYS project is politicized, they barricaded the roads leading to Ayany. The police dispersed the angry crowd who later went a head and burned one toilet constructed by the NYS within Olympic Primary School.The following day there was some tension around Gatwekera and Olympic area, that the NYS team could not proceed with their work. This forced some Kibera leaders led by Ochieng Jera ODM chairperson Langata to come in and talk to the people at the famous Kamkunji grounds asking them to stay calm, and to avoid politics from both sides, because it would only lead to loses of good projects we already have.
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