Hard Target

  • Location Gatwekera
  • Date Apr 30 2015
  • Time 13:01
  • Category Tension   Housing   
  • Incident Incident
  • Nearby Incident Nearby Incident

Incident Report Description

This morning Kibera residents were shocked by the convoy of 15 police tracks that entered into Kibera slum through Olympic. We later realized the heavy police presence was here to defend the planned demolition of houses and schools along the railway line to pave way for the railway expansion in Gatwekera and Kisumu Ndogo. Huruma School was already down, it was demolished last night, the neighboring St. Juliet Primary School started to demolish by themselves to avoid much loss. The demolisher was here to demolish Spajion School but met very high resistance from the community members that forced them to go back, The plan was to start by demolishing schools before they re-open. we still don't know what their next plan is, having in mind that a notice had been given to the residents to quit.
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