Kibera Evictions

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Monday January 12th 2015, Kibera residents of Kisumu Ndogo village living along the sewer line that passes through Kibera, were shocked when their houses had to be demolished to pave way for a modern sewer line, this action left around 50 families homeless with no where to call home,the residents say they were only given a two days notice which was not enough to find a new place. Chaos erupted and one person working with NYS was injured in the process and taken to the hospital, Kibera community leaders condemned the act of eviction terming it as inhuman, they engaged the local authorities to make sure that the evicted persons had something to eat and somewhere to sleep as they sort out the issue, the County commissioner agreed that there was a mistake and offered to provide some beans and rice plus tents to help them in the meantime, they agreed that all the affected persons would have their new houses rebuilt for them at the expense of the government. but this will not happen until after the sewer line is completed, with all these engagements and dialogue, peace and calm has resumed Kibera Kisumu Ndogo area.
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