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You must have seen some of Map Kibera team going round with papers and cameras from one school to the other in Kibera and perhaps wondering what's going on, yes Map Kibera has partnered with Ground truth and Gates Foundation among others to try and make education information easily available, accessible and useful to everyone in the informal settlement.
Map Kibera already did some mapping in Kibera before and produced an education map, having all the school with their physical locations in it.
The team is back to update the same map because a lot of changes have occurred, some schools moved, some closed down while new ones also came up, besides that they are coming up with a website that will have all the Kibera schools in it, each school having their own page with all the information about them, and photos of how the school looks like. Parents, teachers, government and even donors will be able to access this data. The project is also meant to encourage the interaction between parents, teachers, and policy makers to improve education quality in the slum. Kibera is just a pilot, if successful, we hope to have the same in Nairobi and Nation wide.
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