Salimala Kibra Network

  • Location Kibera, Gatwekera
  • Date Jul 22 2013
  • Time 12:19
  • Category Development   News   
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Incident Report Description

A new loby group formed in Kibera.And the name is SALIMALA KIBRA NETWORK.The first initials-SALIMALA;conoting the four administrative wards of Sarangombe,Lindi,Makina & Laini Saba.The fifth and the final Kibra constituency's ward of Woodley-Golf course,was deliberately left out by the convenors for the reason that it was too posh and non representative of informal settlement.SALIMALI main objective involve betering the lives of slum dwellers of Kibera through activism on access to justice,rights and national resources.The consortium bringing forth some twenty odd self help and community based associations met at 'Tosha One' bio-center located at the sprawling Katwekera slum.Umande trust were central in this facilitation.Close to a hundred participants were present in this day long event.
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