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The Youth Entrepreneurship Facility’s Youth-to-Youth Replication Fund (Y2Y2) is a competitive grant scheme open to youth-led organizations in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya to replicate the most innovative entrepreneurship development project ideas from the first two rounds of the Youth to Youth (Y2Y) Fund which has been implemented since 2010 in East Africa as part of the Youth Entrepreneurship Facility.
As part of the newly launched Replication Fund, youth-led organizations in the three program countries are invited to apply to implement one of the 14 most innovative of the Y2Y project ideas, tailoring the original ideas to fit the new context and new target group and introducing new features and innovations to it.
The ideas promoted for replication vary significantly, but they all address challenges for young people to become entrepreneurs and aim to provide opportunities for the youth to start a business or improve their existing businesses.
The best replication proposals will receive grants of USD $5,000 - $10,000 along with technical assistance from the Youth Entrepreneurship Facility. YEF is looking for organizations with demonstrated experience in implementing similar projects with positive results; organizations with strong financial management, project management, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting experience.
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