EDITORIAL: The new constitution must be supported by all Kenyans

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The Kenya constitution review process has a long history. Resources, time and even lives have been lost. The cardinal truth is that this nation needs a new constitution as soon as yesterday. Kenyans have given their opinion on the draft and the mood of the citizens on constitution making is out of question, Kenyans from all walks of life demand a new constitution and the political goodwill that this Coalition Government has given the process must be supported by all.

The fundamental issues that form the pillars of this new constitution are what Kenyans must look for because they are the ones that will determine their well being. Issues that are fundamental to citizens are the adoption of Decentralization, Social Protection Provisions, Social Justices for the poor and marginalised and adoption of Women Rights approach so as to promote responsive, participatory, just and democratic governance of which the current constitution does not have.

We must support the Committee of Experts because ‘Kenyans’ are the key principals in this constitution making. Executive, legislature or any other grouping shouldn’t be allowed to derail the process.

A section of Clergy men should not be allowed to deny Kenyans a new constitution merely because of the inclusion of Kadhi’s Court in the new draft constitution. The issue of Kadhi’s court has been in the constitution since independence and it has never brought any problems to Christians or even Muslims themselves. To be honest, I am a Christian and I have read the articles on Kadhi’s Court and I have not seen anything that should spell doom to Christians and these Clergy men and Women are highly educated and they can agree with me that Kadhi’s Court doesn’t spell doom to Christians and so shouldn’t be considered as contentious. Bad governance and corruption in this country that has impoverished and enslaved Kenyans has continued to hamper growth and development in this country. Ethnic violence has hit this country, lives and property lost. Tribalism, nepotism and hegemonic political landscape witnessed today in Kenya, selective justice where the rich are protected by the law while the poor continue to suffer. For sure Kadhi’s Court has not played a single role in these evils that has bedevilled this Country since independence.

There should be no cause of alarm because Kenya is a Secular state and no religion will be above the state, Christians also have nothing to put before the Committee of Experts because the Kenyan Constitution is largely Christian law and practise. The flocks that these Clergy men and women lead are the ones suffering and need this new constitution; they must support it to liberate their flocks.
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